Celebrating Diversity

What the 21st century has brought to our lives in terms of social, cultural, and technological change has highly influenced the way we think, we teach and we learn. We are now more aware of the fact that every learner has diverse needs, expectations, reactions and motivations. For this reason, the concept of ‘diversity’, which involves embracing people from different social and cultural backgrounds and encompasses acceptance and respect, can be considered as one of the core points in foreign language education.

Based on the basic principle “One size does not fit all”, the 12th ODTÜ International ELT Convention aims to cover the issues related to (but not limited to) the following aspects of foreign language education within the framework of ‘diversity’:

  • Diversity in student profile (students with different types of learning styles, backgrounds, needs, interests, motivations and emotions)
  • Diversity in teacher profile (primary, secondary, tertiary, novice and experienced teachers and researchers)
  • Diversity in teaching and learning practices
  • Diversity in assessment techniques and methodology
  • Diversity in material design
  • Diversity in teacher training and continuous professional development
  • Diversity in the use of English grammar, pronunciation and skills (with a focus on ‘ELF)
  • Cultural diversity

We would like to welcome you all to the 12th ODTÜ International ELT Convention to embrace both the mainstream and exceptions, to blend traditional with modern, and to celebrate diversity by sharing different perspectives, applications and practices in foreign language education.


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